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    Welcome to Kaa-Yaa. We are devoted to making fitness a priority

    • Personalized workouts based on your fitness goals
    • Motivating you to complete all workouts
    • Demo exercise videos to guide you in performing the exercises
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Gain Mass

Pack muscle mass through our hypertrophy specific workouts


Build Strength

Manhandle heavy objects through our strength specific workouts


Sport Performance

Sport specific drills for improved athletic performance


Get Lean

High intensity workouts to speed up your metabolism and burn fat


Develop Power

Improve your overall fitness through explosive power training



Get more in tune with your body through improved flexibility

Help Us Do More

Kaa-Yaa is a self funded, we are ordinary folks who dream to make fitness a priority for everyone. We rely on the support and patronage from people like you, who share our dream. If you have found value in our Videos/Book, please pitch in and help us do more. As a token of appreciation we will provide you our basic health a fitness videos packaged together as a full course

All your contribution, in full amount, will be used as funds towards the project.

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