3. Path to Athletic Build and Perfect Posture – Well Balanced Workout

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A great workout should help us in achieving an athletic build and perfect posture. However for many of us our workouts actually result in just the opposite. Poor posture and muscle imbalances result due to an inherent flaw in the choice of exercises for our workouts. In today’s video we will go over this flaw and discuss how to avoid it. Welcome to Kaa-Yaa, we believe that when it comes to fitness, there is a lot of information out. Most of it is quite unorganized.
It is the aim of this channel to organize it and present it in the form of video lessons. Subscribe to our channel to get a video lesson every Sunday. Consider the case of Tim, he is a regular visitor to the gym and has been lifting weights for a few years now. He usually designs his own workouts. Most of the workouts he creates are based on the articles he reads on the web. He has been making great gains and feels good when he looks in the mirror as he can see his pumped up chest, big arms and six-pack abs.
However what he does not realize is, on seeing him in entirety things don’t quite look the way he had hoped. You see Tim has been referring to articles such as “Build a six pack with these 5 amazing exercises” “5 best exercises for building a strong chest” “Blast your arms with this workout” As you can see Tim has mostly been performing exercises only for his abs, chest and arms.
By only performing chest, arms and abs exercises his abs and chest have become strong but his back still remains weak. This causes his back to round up and shoulders to slouch, giving him a poor posture. His legs never get to exercise, so are weak and skinny when compared to his upper body. His glutes are non-existent, which is a disappointment as strong glutes is a clear sign of athleticism and are the muscle group ladies find most attractive. The bad posture and muscle imbalance negatively affect Tim’s biomechanics and he often complains of back pain.
Now consider Josh, who has not been strength training at all. He just watches his diet and regularly performs stretching for all his muscles. He does not have big arms or chest like Tim, but his overall posture is great and his body is quite balanced. Both functionally and aesthetically Josh is in a much better position than Tim. In other words, Tim’s workout is actually negatively affecting his health. He would have been better off not doing his workout.
It is very important for all of us to realize the fact that; A well-balanced skinny person will look and function far better than someone who has a few big muscles here and there in their body. And yet if we go to any gym, we will see people predominantly perform exercises only for their abs, arms and chest while legs and back most often are ignored. Just because one can’t see those muscles in the mirror does not mean one can ignore them. Sooner or later these imbalances will cause problems such as limited athletic performance, poor posture and injury.
A person performing such a workout would have been better off not performing any workout at all. A good workout, which will help us in attaining an athletic build and perfect posture, hence is the one, which targets all the major muscle groups in our body equally. How do we make sure that in a certain workout program we are targeting all of these muscle groups? That will be the topic for next week’s video. If you are thinking the answer is training splits for different muscle groups on different days of the week, then you are in for a surprise.
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