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In today’s video we will be going over the best exercises that should be a part of every workout. Welcome to Kaa-Yaa, we believe that when it comes to fitness, there is a lot of information out. Most of it is quite unorganized. It is the aim of this channel to organize it and present it in the form of video lessons. Subscribe to our channel to get a video lesson every Sunday.
Consider the case of Ian. Ian works very hard in the gym and does a variety of exercises. A typical workout for him includes Sit-ups Back extensions Bridges Leg curls Leg extension Shrugs, and Wrist curls. Doing all these 7 exercises takes Ian about an hour; his friend Derek on the other hand just does just one exercise - Deadlift and completes his workout in 10 minutes. Surprisingly, when asked to lift a couch; Derek does it far easily than Ian.
How is it possible that Derek who just does one exercise for 10 minutes is far stronger than Ian who performs 7 exercises and works out for an hour? The reason for this is three-fold: 1. Just through deadlifts Derek targets all the muscle groups that Ian’s seven exercises target individually. 2. By performing deadlifts Derek’s body learns how to coordinate the contraction of all these individual muscles to perform a complex task such as lifting the couch. Ian’s seven separate exercises provide no such benefit.
3. While performing deadlift Derek ends up using a number of muscles at the same time. This taxes his cardiovascular system far more than if he had performed seven exercises targeting a single muscle over a longer time period. This improves his overall cardiovascular conditioning far more than that of Ian. In short, Derek’s 10 minutes spent in the gym are far more productive than Ian’s full hour. Given the busy schedule most of us have, whom would you follow?
This situation clearly demonstrates why some exercises are better than others. In general the weight training exercises can be placed under two categories, 1. Compound Exercises 2. Isolation Exercises Any exercise that targets more than one muscle group of the body is a compound exercise while an isolation exercise targets only a specific muscle group. Compound exercises generally involve performing the functional movements of our body we discussed in last week’s video.
Isolation exercises on the other hand mostly involve a localized movement of the specific body part. All the exercises that Ian was doing are isolation exercises. Deadlift on the other hand is a compound exercise, which targets a number of muscle groups at the same time. Performing compound exercises provide benefits in all the arenas of fitness, be it muscle growth, strength, function or weight loss.
This is because as mentioned in the example of Derek and Ian, such a movement requires coordinated effort from multiple muscle groups, which means that the overall workout becomes more intense and we get higher strength and muscle gains. Also since the motion of compound exercise is close to the basic functional movements of the body they provide huge functional benefits. For instance, we will rarely see someone perform leg curls to carry out a daily chore, however all of us pick up weight from the ground, which technically is a deadlift.
Since compound movements are better than isolation movements and compound movements involve basic functional movement of the body, we can come up with the best exercises for our workout based on each functional movement we discussed in last week’s video. The list goes as follows Best exercise for Vertical Pushing is Shoulder Press Best exercise for Horizontal Pushing is Bench Press Best exercise for Vertical Pulling is Pull-ups Best exercise for Horizontal Pulling is Bent-over Rows Best exercise for Bending Pull is Deadlift
Best exercise for Bending Push is Sit-ups Best exercise for Squatting is of-course Squats, and Best exercise for Twisting is Wood-chops In our workout we should include some version of these exercises, if we desire it to be effective. Although we have mentioned that the best exercises for optimal utilization of our time in the gym are compound exercises, this does not mean we can rule out isolation exercises completely. They do have their place in any workout and are very useful under certain situations.
Moreover compound exercises also have their limitations. For next week’s video we will get into more details on the compound and isolation movements and how to incorporate both of these in our workout. Click the like button if you enjoyed watching our video. Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with us, we would love to hear your opinion either way. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, as we have more exciting stuff coming up for you. Have a great week ahead and we will see you in the next video.

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