5 Things you need to Stop doing at the Gym

Gyms are a public space and like any other public space, we need to follow certain etiquette while being there. In this article, we present to you five things that people do in the gym that are annoying to others.

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1. Not cleaning up Equipment after use

Sweating while working out is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact I have a lot of respect for people who sweat as it shows how hard they are working out. The problem comes when people don’t wipe the equipment after working out. Imagine lying on a bench soiled with the sweat of a previous person who used it. No matter how awesome you are, nobody wants to use equipment, which is soiled by your sweat. It is a good practice to always wipe the equipment after you have used it and yet a lot of us don’t do it. Most of the gyms are equipped with alcohol wipes, use them, it does not take that much time to really wipe everything.

Along the same line is the issue of dirty towels. Come on guys we are all adults, we all know how to take care of our own shit. If you have used a towel just put it back in the bin after use, do not leave it out on the floor or the bench. I am sure when we were kids our mothers took care of us, but now we are adults and we can take care of stuff. The gym has been considerate enough to provide us towels, just leaving them lying here and there is disgusting. It is our responsibility to keep the gym clean.

2. Hoarding the equipment

Everybody pays for the gym membership, please be considerate as to not hoard a lot of equipment at the same time. Yes many workouts involve performing circuits where you perform 3 or more exercises back to back without rest. Don’t get me wrong, circuits are awesome; however, the problem comes when people start hoarding all the equipment in the gym to perform a massive circuit of 8 different exercises. Please be considerate that other people also need to use the gym, design your circuits in a way that no matter how many exercises you need to perform back to back, you are not using more than two or three equipment at the same time.

3. Not Racking the Weight Back

I have seen this happen in the gym, where a girl wanted to perform leg press and noticed that there were three 45-pound plates loaded on each side of the machine. Being new to strength training three 45 pound plates was too heavy for her and so she decided not to perform the exercise altogether.
While in the gym you are sharing the equipment with our fellow gym mates. Please be considerate to them by removing the weight from your equipment and placing it back on the rack. Being awesome as you are, you can bench maybe with 3 plates at each side however the next person who is going to be performing the exercise might not be able to handle that much weight. You have unnecessarily made his/her life difficult by leaving the weight on the equipment. Don’t be a jerk; rack your weight back so that others do not have to remove the weight before starting their workout.

4. Talking to someone while they are working out

You are in the gym, getting ready for your next set, concentrating on how you will perform your next lift. All of a sudden someone comes up to you and starts talking to you, how would you feel? I am sure if you are serious about your workout you would not like it. We go to the gym to workout, not to chat. Stopping the workout to chat with someone disturbs the whole flow of the workout. Try not to disturb others while they are working out. If you absolutely need to talk to someone or if you want to say “hi”, by all means go ahead while they are resting, but keep it as short as you can so that they can get back to their workout. If the other person wants to talk more then sure you can continue the conversation, but try not to prolong the conversation from your side if they are interested in getting back to their next set.

5. Complaining about the Noise we create in the Gym

How many times have you heard people complain about a guy who is lifting heavy weights, grunting and slamming weights on the floor? Come on guys grow up, it is a gym not a hospital or a library. We go to the gym to become strong and you become strong by lift heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights needs all out effort and when you put all out effort you will grunt.

That guy who is grunting and lifting heavy is minding his own business and has no intention of proving anything to anybody except himself. By the way what are you doing in the gym if you are not lifting heavy? If these noises bother you then you are wasting your time in the gym.

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