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Welcome to our video. In this video we will describe an awesome workout routine you can use to accelerate muscle growth especially in your stubborn muscles. Consider the case of Sam who is a skinny guy looking to build muscles and grow in size. He starts going to the gym and do heavy compound exercises to maximize muscle growth. He gets terrific results but notices that his arms are not growing in proportion to the rest of his body. This is a very common problem all of us encounter, while performing compound exercises.
In such a situation one of the best workouts that Sam can use to stimulate growth in his stubborn arms is the 100 reps workout. 100 Reps workout is quite popular for building six pack abs. However very few people know that it is also a superb routine for accelerating growth in the stubborn muscles. This is because, 100 Reps workout is one of the most misunderstood workouts out there. It is an established fact in the fitness community that any workout with rep range above 30 is great for endurance, but not as much for muscle growth.
This is why a lot of people have criticized the 100 Reps workout saying it only provides pump, which will fade away quickly. Although this is a valid argument, we have not looked at the complete picture here. Although it is true that 100 reps do not directly stimulate muscle growth, there are indirect benefits. 1)Performing 100 reps creates a massive pump in your muscles and increase the blood supply.
This increased blood supply also increases the amount of nutrients the muscles are receiving. More nutrients the muscle gets, faster it grows. 2)The increased blood flow from 100 reps causes localized fat burn and reduced fat accumulation. This is the reason why 100 reps are so popular for building abs. 3)100 repetitions improve mind muscle connection such that your mind learns to engage the lagging muscle during the compound lift. So how should you perform your 100 reps.
Follow these guidelines • Perform 100 reps no more than once a week and only on the stubborn muscle. • 100 Reps should only be performed on an isolation exercise. This is the only workout where we are ok with using machines. • Use lightweights so that you can perform 35 reps non-stop • Perform full 100 reps in as little sets as possible with minimal rest in between. • Give yourself at least 48 hours of rest for complete recovery.
Going back to the story of Sam, despite being skeptical, Sam gave this workout a try and was able to break out of his plateau. If you have any muscle, which will not grow no matter how hard you try then definitely give 100 Reps workout a try. This concludes our video. In one of our next videos we will be talking about pre-exhaustion, another great technique for accelerating muscle growth. If you are interested in getting fit, visit out homepage Subscribe to our channel if you liked our video, and get updates on our latest videos.
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