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In this video we will explain the most common mistake many of us do while trying to lose weight. Consider the situation of Amy. Amy has recently gained a lot of weight and decides to get back in shape. She understands that the path to fitness is diet and exercise. She calculates her daily calorie requirements and maintains a calorie deficit to start losing fat. She also starts working out in the gym regularly to burn more calories.
She sustains her new lifestyle for a few weeks and then decides to check how much progress she has made. To her dismay, she notices that she has not lost any weight. This really discourages her and she gives up, concluding that her body has a tendency of retaining fat even when she is eating less. Did Amy’s body really have a tendency to retain fat? The answer is no. The problem actually was with the formula she used to calculate her daily calorie needs. You see Amy was using one of the generic online tools.
Most of them assume that your daily calorie requirement increases with your body weight. This is based on the assumption that at higher body weight, you have more muscle mass. Since all those muscles need energy to do work, higher is your calorie requirement. This argument holds true for someone who is lean and athletic, but breaks down for an obese person. Unlike muscles, fat does not consume any calories, hence an obese person erroneously calculates higher daily calorie requirement than what they actually need. This is exactly what happened to Amy.
Due to the erroneous formula, when she was thinking that she is maintaining a calorie deficit, she was actually under calorie surplus. Don’t repeat the mistake of Amy; always make sure that your daily calorie requirements estimate is accurate. This concludes our video. In one of our next videos we will show you how to correctly estimate your daily calorie requirements. If you are interested in getting fit, visit out homepage Subscribe to our channel if you liked our video, and get updates on our latest videos.
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