What is Kaa-Yaa?

At Kaa-Yaa our motto is “Making fitness a priority”. With the modern lifestyle everyone gets so busy that fitness always ends up on the back seat. We are developing tools to help everyone achieve their fitness goals by making fitness a priority.

What type of fitness tools is Kaa-Yaa offering?

Right now we are working on a fitness app, which will help you in creating and scheduling workouts. The app will also make sure that you complete your workout and not just schedule them and then forget.

We are also offering a free E-book for you to download which includes all the basic information on fitness

We regularly upload youtube videos and blogs to help you understand the basics of fitness and start working towards their fitness goals

In future we also desire to introduce hardware devices to help and motivate you to lead a fit life

Why is Kaa-Yaa asking for funds?

We are a self funded venture with no external support. All our offerings have been funded by our own personal savings. Any support that we can get will be appreciated. If you have found value in our offerings please help us in doing more.

When does Kaa-Yaa plan to launch the app?

We are working day and night to launch the app. Right now the target is to have the app up on google store by the autumn of 2017.

What platform will the Kaa-Yaa app work on?

Right now the app will only support Android platform, however as we start acquiring more users, we will introduce ios version also.

Can I contact Kaa-Yaa with additional questions not covered in these FAQs?

By all means. We are looking for feedback and would love to hear back from you about anything positive or negative You can fill out our contact us form or send us a message on social media or you can send us an email at customer.support@kaa-yaa.com