What is Kaa-Yaa?

We are a bunch of fitness freak who understand that each one of us has different needs when it comes to fitness. We are developing a fitness app, which creates workout while considering your individual needs.

Why is Kaa-Yaa offering workout design guide and free consultation?

While we are working on developing the app, we are interested in learning more on what your individual requirements are. This is valuable information, which will help us in designing our app. Hence we are offering free workout design guide and consultation.

Will Kaa-Yaa market other products through the workout design guide?

The sole purpose for providing the free workout design guide is to understand your needs. We have no intention of using this workout design guide to market you any other products or supplements

What does the free workout design guide contain?

There is a lot of information on the web about health and fitness, at lot of it is contradictory and might not be suitable for your needs. We individually prepare each workout design guide, which has recommendations specific for the reader, just how a personal trainer will prepare.

How long will it take to read the workout design guide?

We did not want to provide you pages and pages of text on fitness. The guide provides clear, comprehensive and concise information in just 25 pages. You should be able to grasp and apply all our recommendations in an hour.

What fitness level is the workout design guide suited to?

The workout design guide is prepared individually for each person and is suited to his or her specific fitness level.

For how long will Kaa-Yaa offer this free service?

Until we develop our app.

What is the source of the information provided in the workout design guide?

All the recommendations in the workout design guide are coming out of the scientific research in the area of health and fitness.

What if the guide does not address all my questions?

Although we address most of your needs in the guide, due to your personal situation many of you might have more questions. To address that we are providing free consultation through email

Can I contact Kaa-Yaa with additional questions not covered in these FAQs?

We are here to help anyone who aspires to lead a healthy life, whatever way we can. Let us know about any questions or concerns you have, we will try our best to help you out.