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Welcome to our video, in this video we will show you how to calculate your daily calorie needs accurately. In the process of achieving physical fitness, nutrition is equally important, if not more, than the workouts we do in the gym. The most important factor to consider in your nutrition is the total amount of calories you intake. As discussed in one of our previous videos, the common formula used to calculate daily calorie needs is inherently flawed. It wrongly assumes that your daily calorie needs increase with your body weight.
In reality your daily calorie needs increase with your muscle mass and not your body weight. Your muscle mass is proportional to your fat free weight, which is your total weight minus your fat weight. Your Fat weight can be calculated by figuring out your body fat percentage, that is, the percentage of your body weight, which is composed of fat. Measuring body fat percentage is beyond the scope of this video; a Google search will find numerous articles that you can look up.
Once you have figured out what your body fat percentage is, you can calculate your fat weight by multiplying your total weight with the body fat percentage. Once you know your fat free weight, through this formula you can calculate your resting metabolic rate or RMR, which is the energy you need to spend for just lying in bed and do nothing. Now of-course most of us do not just stay in bed, we perform our daily activities, which all require energy. You can calculate active metabolic rate or AMR by multiplying your resting metabolic rate with an activity factor.
Shown here are the factors you need to multiply to your RMR based on your level of activity. Keep in mind that this is the daily calorie need outside of calories burnt during exercise. Finally, using this formula you can calculate the calorie expenditure during exercise where Mets is a metabolic multiplier that is applied to any exercise based on how intense it is. Shown is the list of Mets for different types of exercises.
Daily total calorie needs can then be calculated by adding the AMR and the calories burnt during exercise. It should be noted that above calculation is just a starting point. To attain 100% accuracy in your estimate, you need to do trial and error where you take calculated amounts of calories for a week and observe how much weight you gain or lose and then accordingly change the diet. This concludes our video on accurately calculating the daily calorie needs. If you are interested in getting fit, visit our homepage
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