How to Improve Shoulder Mobility and Avoid Shoulder Injury

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Welcome to Kaa-Yaa, we upload videos on a variety of fitness related topics every week. Subscribe to our channel to get an insightful video on fitness every week. In this video we will be talking about how to improve you shoulder flexibility and avoid shoulder injury. Shoulders are used in some way or the other in most of the upper body exercises. As a joint being used so often and being so versatile in function, shoulder is a complicated joint quite vulnerable to injury.
Shoulder press is the most effective exercise for building strong shoulders. However presses, effective as they maybe, target the front of the shoulder more than the posterior side, thus causing an imbalance. Studies have shown that on average for bodybuilders their front shoulder is 5 times bigger than an untrained person while side shoulder is only 3 times bigger and the back shoulder is merely 10-20% bigger. Such an imbalance causes a loss in the mobility of the shoulder joint, thus explaining why it is difficult for many muscular people to scratch their back.
To avoid such a situation, you can include following two things in your workout. 1) In addition to presses, you can include lateral raises in your workout. Lateral raises are isolation exercises where you can specifically target side and back of the shoulders. By performing standing lateral raise you can strengthen the side of your shoulders, while with bent over lateral raise you can strengthen the back of your shoulders.
2) Target the back of the shoulders through shoulder rotation. The back of the shoulders is one of the hardest muscles to target. This is because other muscle groups such as triceps, trapezoids and the back, end up supporting them. Through shoulder rotation you can isolate the back of the shoulders and strengthen them. You can perform it by standing on the side of the cable machine and grab hold of the handle, which is set at your waist level. Pull the handle and rotate your forearm about your elbow. You can rotate the forearm from inside to outside, which is called external rotation or from outside to inside, which is called internal rotation
In addition to this, perform dynamic shoulder stretches such as arm circles before the workout and static stretches such as pec and lat stretch after the workout. Shoulders are one of the most important joints in our body, injuring them means you can pretty much rule out all the great upper body movements, hence take good care of them and make sure that they are healthy.
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