One Exercise More Effective than a Full Workout

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Welcome to our video. In this video we will be talking about one exercise, which will give you more benefit than the combined benefit of seven very popular exercises you see people perform in the gym. Consider the case of Ian. Ian works very hard in the gym and does a variety of exercises. Today he will be doing Sit-ups Back extensions Bridges Leg curls Leg extension Shrugs, and Wrist curls.
Even after working so hard in the gym when asked to lift a couch Ian finds it really hard to lift it. On the other hand his friend Derek can easily lift that couch. This is because Derek does the awesome exercise deadlift. Deadlift is a movement where you pick a heavy object from the ground and lift it up to your waist level, while maintaining a neutral spine. This one exercise targets all the muscles groups that the seven exercises Ian performs target individually. Moreover by doing deadlift Derek’s body learns how to coordinate the contraction of all these individual muscles to perform a complex task such as lifting the couch.
This is the reason why Derek is much better than Ian in lifting the couch. In other words, Derek’s one rep of deadlift is more effective than Ian’s seven exercises combined. So do yourself a favor, increase your strength and size and at the same time save time by including deadlifts in your program. They are just plain awesome. This concludes our video on deadlifts.
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